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PureSkinFormula is your world, full of only natural ingredients and fantastic cosmetic solutions!

Welcome from Valeria and Tony – the founders:)

We are excited to share with you our experience, ideas, fears and everuthing we’ve been through regarding skin and hair care!

Here is our story and motivation to do what we do.

Let’s Dive In! Let Your Dreams About Your Skin And Hair Care Come True!

  • Learn about natural ingredients and how you can benefit from them
  • Explore easy and powerful recipes on how to prepare different products at home
  • Rejuvenate your face with amazing face mask with rose oil
  • Use a hand cream with almond oil that keeps your hands hydrated and soft
  • Do wonders to your hair, seeing vast improvement with masks for normal hair (with milk and honey) and damaged hair (with nettle and burdock)
  • Remove the dead skin from your face using peeling with pearl shell particles
  • Wash your hands, body and hair with soaps, full of magical substances, like rose oil, seaweed, snail extract and gold particles
  • Treat your body with anti-cellulite cinnamon cream or restoring rose oil cream
  • Make your armpit feel fantastic and aromatized with roll-on deodorant, containing coconut oil and aloe vera