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We are a family of five: Valeria, Tony, twins (turned seven) and a toddler, who turned five.

Our Story

Let us tell you a story of a big transformation!

Years ago, we lived caring only for ourselves. Now it is not us, but the kids who are the important ones. I have never imagined our lives could transform so strongly.

People often ask us: how do you manage to take care of three small kids while only going after them is a 24/7 process, and of course, you have so many other commitments on top? After a few years of experience, we can answer this way:


Herbs and Oils

But full devotion was not enough to be a good parent. We also had to become experts on different topics that we did not quite pay attention to in the past. Among them were healthy skin-related issues. One of our kids had a skin problem.

Over time, we were learning more and more about the effects of the different substances and products on the body and the skin of human beings (both children and adults).

This is how our journey in the kingdom of herbs and oils began! It wasn’t that hard for us!

We live in Bulgaria. Did you know that this small piece of land in Southern Europe is the biggest herbs’ producer in Europe and number 3 producer in the World?

Bulgaria is the worlds’ number 1 producer of rose oil and lavender oil!

Our national traditions and the primary nature are excellent preconditions for producing first-class natural cosmetic products.

Due to the developed cosmetic industry, there are many excellent skincare and health care experts in Bulgaria. We found the right people and the right knowledge.

We have learned a lot about blending substances (emulsions), methods of identifying different types of emulsions, what is surface tension in emulsions, what makes emulsions stable, which kinds of butter, oils, emulsifiers and preservatives to use and how to properly blend them…

But we don’t want to bother you with all these details. What matters most is the end result – efficient products that work for you and do what they promise without harming your skin.

And here we are. We created our family brand and website, called

Pure Skin Formula

We have collected insights and knowledge of experienced Bulgarian experts about herbs, oils and cosmetics into this brand. We want to share it with you and all other people who want to improve how they take care of their skin.

Some cosmetic formulas are based on ancient traditional recipes, kept and inherited from older generations.

What raw materials are used in the products?

Depending on the recipe, waxes, essential and vegetable oils, essences, herbal tinctures, clay or sea salt. An important factor is the quality of the water used. It is spring water from the local mountain springs. Sometimes natural food aromas are included.

The beautiful colour of the products comes from the natural properties of the raw materials used.

We emphasize Bulgarian herbs and ingredients. Where it is not possible to grow certain plants in Bulgaria, they are delivered from abroad.

The power of nature

People very often underestimate the power of nature, related to cosmetic and sanitary products. Let’s give you an example.

Do you know about a plant called common soapwort (Saponaria officinalis)? It gives wonderful natural foam to products like soap and shampoo. This is how we try to turn nature into our “friend” using it wisely and properly.

So, on our product’s page, you will find wonderful cosmetic solutions that solve problems related to hands, face, body, hair, intimate area, hygiene, cellulite and many more.

But the other goal of this website is to be an interesting and useful guide related to healthy and pure skin.

Helping even one person living a healthier life and having better skin, we have our mission fulfilled!

Enjoy the journey here!

For your healthy shine:)

Valeria and Tony

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  1. Hello Valeria and Tony,

    It’s such a pleasure to learn about your story. Your devotion to your family is admirable. Having children is a big responsibility and I think your attitude is wonderful.

    Congratulation to you both for your three adorable children and for having created a business together. I love your website, filled with wonderful tips and tricks. The topics are very interesting and it’s so great to learn so much about natural skin and hair remedies.

    I’m looking forward to reading and learning more about herbs and oils. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Wishing you all the best.


    1. Hi, Pernilla,

      We are so happy to read your message:) We appreciate your words, about us and the website very much!

      Having three (small) kids is a challenge and happiness at the same time! And paradoxically said, we cannot separate these two emotions. They usually go hand in hand:) Having kids means one more essential thing for us. It’s called responsibility – towards them, towards the world we live in, towards nature, towards purity in thoughts and actions. is an integral part of our philosophy. We believe in the motto “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Pure, healthy skin and hair is an inseparable part of reaching significant body and mind state. Natural ingredients and products logically appear as a solution to stay close to the core principles of living happy, efficient and straightforward life.

      We are happy that you like the insights, shared here. Each comment and though by you are highly appreciated!

      Wish you happy reading:)
      Valeria & Tony

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