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Indulge yourself while washing? Follow three simple rules to do it:

  1. EXPERIENCE THE FANTASTIC NATURAL CONTACT WITH SEAWEED EXTRACT AVOCADO OIL, GRAPE SEED OIL AND MORE! Imagine it on your skin! Touch your hands after massaging them with your handmade soap!
  2. DON’T MISS THE SENSATIONAL SCENT! You will get a full dose of freshness and will feel alive! And this effect will last long after you have washed your toilet soap away!
  3. PROTECT AND NOURISH YOUR SKIN AGAINST HARMFUL FACTORS: UV sunlight, humidity, wrong diet, stress, improper skin care, and so many more. Use this antibacterial bar soap to compensate for other shortages!

All this is sealed with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you risk NOTHING!

I am Valeria – a mother of 3 small kids. Taking care of children is like a full time job, which has it’s own specifics. Dealing with plenty of water is one of them.

Washing dishes, doing the laundry and bathing the kids is a substantial part of my daily activities.

My hands are wet many times a day, making my skin dry ana chapped. The soap bar I was using every day became of a great importance to me.  

In terms of toilet soap usage, I think there are two ways a person can do his or her daily routine.

The first one is to go to the store and get a cheap mass-produced soap. 

Yes, it costs pennies or cents, and once I used to buy this kind of stuff. With the time passing I started asking myself: was it worth paying so little for something that I treat my body with?

I’ve heard the saying that you get what you pay for. And let’s see what I’ve been getting.

Out of curiosity, I scrutinized the bathing soap label of a popular global brand of soaps and other sanitizers. This is what I saw:

“sodium tallowate, aqua, sodium cocoate, glycerin, parfum (fragrance), tallow acid, coconut acid, sodium lactate, niacinamide, PEG-450, sodium chloride, limonene, hexyl cinnamal, BHT, tetrasodium etidronate, tetrasodium EDTA CI 77891 (titanium dioxide), CI 47005 (yellow 10) (pigment blue 15)”

I told myself, what all these meant? For example, what the heck was titanium dioxide? Wikipedia said it was mostly used in producing paints, varnishes, paper and plastics, as well as printing inks, fibers, rubber and cosmetic products.

What? Paints, varnishes and links?!

Don’t get me wrong, all these ingredients are legitimately used for mass production of sanitizing products.

But I did want something better for me and my family. (I think the “a-ha” moment came when I became a parent).

Then I realized the second way I can wash my hands and body:

Taking this to another level and going above and beyond in terms of ingredients used and the way they are blended. I started reading, learning and meeting experts on the topic.

This is how the seaweed soap was born. It is what I have always dreamt of. It is so natural, so fresh smelling, so mild in touch and skin hydrating. My hubby and kids love it, as well. Why don’t you give it a try? Go premium to your skin care. You risk nothing, the bets are on your side and you are hedged by our satisfaction guarantee!

I adore washing with this natural Seaweed Soap. This is my Number one choice for bath soap bar. Seaweed contains magnesium which is a great, and that`s why it is so good for me – my dry skin feels hydrated and fresh. 

I use this Soap every day – for washing my hands and when taking a shower – and it feels perfect. Sometimes even there is no need to put lotion on my body – the dry skin problem is gone.

That`s how my skin reacts to the Seaweed Soap. I would like to tell you now something more about how I react and feel when using it. What do you think about when you hear SEAWEED? For me, it brings memories of summer, water, sun, blue sky, islands, summer breeze, beaches, cocktails, fun. 

Using this natural soap bar is like a therapy for me, I feel calm, refreshed and happy. The way it makes me feel is the most valuable “ingredient” in the soap.

We go to the seaside in September, then we are back home – kids start school and we have all autumn and winter months ahead. And summer seems so far away! Especially when the kids are sick at home, and sometimes we are homebound for 3-4 days. 

Sometimes ther are days, when I am so tired and feel it`s hard to get up in the morning. At such moments this luxury bar soap helps me go through these little personal crises. I use it for Chromatherapy – the blue colour has healing, calming and relaxing properties. 

I take a soap bar, go alone to another room for five minutes and start thinking about the summer that is coming, the holidays, the sea, the kids playing on the sand.

And if you had a long and exhausting day, try to find 15 minutes only for yourself without thinking of work projects, housework, laundry, kids, school, etc. 

Use the seaweed soap as aromatherapy as well – the divine smell combined with the steam in your bathroom has terrific results. All the stress is gone, and you feel totally refreshed.

After taking a shower with the Seaweed soap, the whole bathroom smells divine. It really works like a therapy, especially after a long and exhausting day at work or at home with the kids. 

Another great use of the soap is as aromatizer for my wardrobes. Sometimes, when we travel, I put a single soap bar in my suitcase and thus, all my clothes smell incredible.

Imagine how great it is to treat your skin with only natural ingredients – vegetable and essential oils that make you feel you use real gifts from nature – valuable, powerful – a real treasure.  And this combined with such a precious and valuable gift for your senses too. Seaweed Soap is suitable for all skin types. It perfectly fits normal, sensitive and dry skin.

Your skin care and body protection are essential! Use natural ingredients, don’t override them with chemicals like parabens, sulphates and SLS.

Seaweed Soap contains 11 ingredients: Cacao Butter, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Saponaria Officinalis Extract, Prunus Dulcis Oil, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Retinol, Seaweed Extracts, Azulen, Blend Of Natural Aromas, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Cera Alba Extract, Propolis.

Use daily as a regular body soap and face soap bar. Massage on wet skin until foaming. Clean it, and then rinse with water.

For washing hands – it’s one of the best hand wash soaps I’ve used. Wet your hands, then apply the soap and rinse with water.

In the shower – on wet skin, apply the soap on your body till it foams and then rinse with water.

For washing hair – apply the soap on wet hair, massage and rub good into your hair and then rinse with water. Use it as a face soap bar – apply on wet face and then wash it with water.

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What Our Customers Are Saying?

Leaves hands soft, smoothe and they smell lovely.
The UK
Very fresh and has kept my skin graft infection free.
The UK
Brings the sea back to your bathroom.
The UK
Lathers up really well and the colour is lovely and reminiscent of the sea and summer time.
The UK
I have no more chapped skin.
I take the soap for a shower.
It moisturizes well and makes so much foam.
Beautiful colour in the bathroom, very pleasant smell, very smooth foam.
It is great, it cleans very well, it has a good smell and a colour reminiscent of the sea.

Do You Know That…

washing hands

95% of people

Fail to wash their hands long enough to kill harmful bacteria…

…Using soap and water for 6 seconds, instead of 15 seconds or more

Based on Michigan State University Data