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Is jojoba oil good for the skin?

I will tell you the direct answer to this question:

Yes, it is good!

Is Jojoba Oil Good For The Skin?

You will want to read this text further to understand two things:

1. Why does jojoba oil work well for your skin?

2. How to use these benefits to improve and maintain your skin?

By the way, it appears that jojoba oil is a friend of our hair, as well.

More about the origin of this plant and is jojoba good for hair growth you will find HERE.







Now I will skip the introduction and will jump directly into our first topic today:

Why does jojoba oil work well for the skin?

To answer this question, we will refer to some of the most prominent benefits of our skin supporter.

1. It helps the oily skin, when sebaceous glands are super active, instead of functioning normally in our body.


Jojoba Oil Successfully Fights Against This Extra Level Of Oil On Our SkinOnce, these glands are more often met on our face and scalp than other areas of our skin.

Secondly, they are attracting more dirt and dust on us. This makes us not only feel uncomfortable.

It causes health issues, like seborrhea, acne, and dandruff.

Now, what we have to remember and what matters to us is that

jojoba oil successfully fights against this extra level of oil on our skin!

How come? Here is how it works. The sebaceous glands produce a substance, called sebum.

In other words, this is the oily secretion. It moistens and protects the skin.

When this secretion is below the standard levels, we have dry skin.

When it is above the norms, we have oily skin, and the flow of the patterns leads to healthy skin.


When you apply jojoba oil to your skin, it moisturizes it, and this works as a command to the sebaceous glands to stop overproducing sebum!

What a fantastic natural instrument we have to control our skin oil level!

Jojoba oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, as well.

Be sure that you use good quality jojoba oil.


Watch this short video for jojoba essential oil properties:


2. We saw jojoba oil balances the skin, preserving it from being too oily. But it can work the other way round: protecting our skin from being too dry!


Jojoba Protects Our Skin From Being Too DryWhen you use chemical cosmetic products and detergents, you wash away the sebum on your skin.

You remember – the purpose of the sebum is to moisten and protect our skin from being too dry.

Each time we wash our hands and body with not natural products, we remove the dirt, but we destroy this protective film, as well.

Specific environment conditions, like cold and dry winter climate, or air conditioning in a close space, could contribute to our dry skin.

The dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to harmful attacks, like microbes.

Jojoba oil could be a shield to those intruders. It keeps the moisture in our skin as it turns to a barrier to these unfriendly elements. In fact, the structure of jojoba oil is so close to the sebum, produced by our skin! You can readily accept as a friend of yours!

3. Jojoba oil versus acne.

One of the reasons that one could suffer acne is the already mentioned super productivity of sebaceous glands’ Jojoba Oil Fights Acnesecretion. It is usually met during the teenage period of a person, due to natural hormonal changes. But what happens sometimes is the issue is here even at more mature age.

Other reasons for triggering acne could be the blocking of the healthy development of the hair follicles’.

The result? Pimples and spots on our skin.

Inflammatory infections can complicate the situation even further.

Jojoba oil can penetrate the pore, reach the hair follicle and clean the surrounding mess. Thus the follicle is not clogged anymore!

Secondly, we have mentioned about the anti-inflammatory effect of jojoba oil on the skin. The vitamins A and D also support our problem areas against acne invasion.


OK, now not only you know is jojoba oil good for your skin. But more important is you know why is that. You’ve learned about the mechanisms and characteristics, which make jojoba oil so friendly to our skin.


It is time to understand a few practical ways you can use jojoba oil.

How to use these benefits of jojoba oil to improve and maintain your skin?

About the already discussed issues, you could apply the rules, mentioned below. Jojoba oil:

1. Keeps your skin moisturized:

Apply a few drops of jojoba oil on your face and hands, before going to bed.

2. Keeps the oil production of your skin on within the normal range:

After washing your face and hands, apply a few drops of jojoba oil. (Remember, after cleaning you remove the natural skin oil, as well).

3. Reduces acne or seborrhea effect:

Just treat the affected areas with jojoba oil, before going to bed. While you are sleeping, it will be working for you:)

You can use jojoba oil in a few more situations:

4. Helps chapped lips feel better:

Jojoba Oil Helps For Chapped LipsIf your lip balm is over, or not at hand, jojoba oil can be a partial substitution. Apply it on your lips, and it will act as a shield against the wind and the cold.

What you can do tablespoons is to melt 2 tablespoons beeswax and blend it with 2 tablespoons jojoba oil. Cool it down in the fridge and use it with pleasure:).

You can add some other essential oils, like rose oil, but it is entirely up to you.



5. Treats the dry skin areas around your nails:

If you have a problem skin around your nails, apply with jojoba oil, after your bath or shower. Once a week, you can keep your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes before performing this procedure.

6. Treats the cracked heels:

Jojoba Oil Helps For Cracked HeelsOur heels are not abundant in sebaceous glands and with time they get dried more and more.

Hot or cold weather can additionally boost this process.

We have to take care of this. Rinse your heels in warm water for 10 minutes. Dry them with a towel.

Apply with jojoba oil. It will moisturize the skin and make it smooth. If you have harder skin areas, just rub them before the procedure.

If you apply this on a regular basis, it could help in preventing bacterial infections on the in the cracks of the skin.


Jojoba oil and other “friends.”

Is jojoba oil good for the skin, you already know. But you’ve also added in your knowledge arsenal, WHY is that so, and Blend Jojoba Oil With Other Oils For Better ResultHOW to use it to make your life better! It is a real “friend,” isn’t it:)

While you can use it as pure jojoba oil, you may enhance even more its benefits, mixing it with other oils and components.

Mix jojoba oil with castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil and a lot more other “friends.” The combination of different ingredients allows creating compelling products, which solve various issues about keeping our skin clean and healthy.

The best approach you can adhere to is to find proven natural formulas and to try them, while you see products that work well for your skin!


Let’s play a game!

Now when you know what jojoba oil is, you might play a game at home and imagine if jojoba oil was a person, how would you describe him or her?

Let’s share my fantasy first. To me, Jojoba oil would be an attractive friend, full of sweet surprises. If I have a skin issue, I would call him to come and help me. As he is a responsible person, I know I can count on him, and he will not fall short of my expectations!


I would love to hear from you! Do you use or plan to use jojoba oil and products with jojoba oil for your pure and healthy skin?


Write me in the section below! Just for a chat, to share something, or if you need any advice, I will answer you:)


To your better “jojoba oil” skin!


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