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Today I will share with you what is Cassia Obovata and how to use it for your natural hair. To get this clear for you, I will cover the following topics:

1. I will put some thoughts on natural hair care;Yogurt For Narural Hair Care

2. I will define for you what is Cassia Obovata;

3. I will show you how exactly to benefit from this beautiful plant.


What is natural hair care?

I would say there are three ways you can care naturally for your hair:

  • To use straightforward ingredients, you can typically find at home, like eggs, baking soda and yogurt;
  • To complicate a bit the process, making DIY masks using mainly non-food, but natural compounds, like essential oils;
  • To use professional natural hair care products.

While the first two approaches are kind of self-explanatory, since they involve using mainly food and pure natural components, the third point is a bit tricky.

There is no official regulatory definition what natural cosmetics is? But if you follow a few core steps, you will be able to recognize the true from the fake natural products.

The leading object of our story today – Cassia Obovata, falls into the group of non-edible natural ingredients and from that point of you, there is no doubt you could add it in your portfolio of natural hair care solutions.

Let’s get to know it in detail.


What is Cassia Obovata?

You will hear some people tell you that Cassia Obovata is neutral henna. But it is not. The main difference from henna is that Cassia does not stain the hair, like henna and it is not that durable. Accept it more like a natural conditioner.

But as far as both ingredients have some similar characteristics (cheap, natural hair care solutions), bear in mind a lot of people will mix them. But you already know the truth:) 

You might here Cassia Obovata is called Senna Obovata. Both names are interchangeable.

And one more name clarification: Don’t get confused between Cassia Obovata and Cinnamomum Cassia. The latter is the popular cinnamon spice that people love so much! But except “cassia” in the name, both are different things.

Cassia has a slightly yellowish color. The powder is made from harvested, dried leaves of the plant. Especially if you are a blonde or gray-haired, the regular Cassia usage will make your strands look a bit golden.

It is known for its conditioning, nourishing and restorative hair properties.

If you have treated your hair with synthetic dyes so far, Cassia could be your solution to go natural. It has antibacterial and anti frugal effect, as well.

Now you know what Cassia Obovata is. Let’s see how to utilize it in favor of your hair.


How to use Cassia Obovata to help your hair?


Cassia may stain your clothes and towels, make sure you work safely. You can use an old towel for the purpose. You can use gloves to avoid coloring of your hands.


Wash your hair with shampoo (preferably natural). Wrap your hair in a towel to keep it warm until preparing the Cassia blend.

Preparation of Cassia Obovata blend

Mix 3.5 oz (100 gr) Cassia Obotava powder with hot water (90 degrees Celsius/194 degrees Fahrenheit), until it reaches “yogurt” texture. You have to keep the mixture warm while applying it to your hair. For that purpose, keep it in warm water during manipulation.

ApplicationHow To Use Cassia Obotava To Help Our Hair?

You can use a dying brush. Start from the roots of the strands and apply through the length to the top.

The more natural way to do is to split the hair into sections, as the treated ones are kept away with a hair-clasp.

When you cover the whole surface, add what is left on your hair and massage with your fingers to spread it evenly.

When ready, put one of those thin nylon hair caps and wrap with a towel to keep the warmth inside. The warmer you keep the blend during manipulation, the better results you will get. Rinse with water.

How long should we leave it?

It depends on your hair color and the color intensity you want to achieve. Typically, you will want to apply Cassia on your hair between 1/2 and 2 hours.

Leave it for 1/2 hour, if you have damaged hair, or you wish very slight color effect. Have in mind, that thin and exhausted hair absorb faster the mixture, than thick and healthy hair.

How to rinse?

Rinse with fresh water, until you notice that the water is clear. Don’t use shampoo or other products in the next 24 hours, to allow complete absorption of Cassia.

The color could even darken a bit, as the natural dyes reach their heyday up to 48 hours after the manipulation.

Next step

Wash your hair with shampoo on the next day. Analyze the result! If you dislike the effect, next time experiment with the duration of the manipulation.

Useful Tip: To avoid complete surprise, take a few strands from your brush and use them to test the color effect in advance.

You can repeat the whole procedure in 2-3 weeks for shiny and healthy hair.


Well, that’s it! Of course, this guide shows the basic recipe you can use – just Cassia and water. But if you wish, you can enrich the formula with essential oils.


WATCH here a recipe with additional ingredients, like olive oil and castor oil:




I hope with this text you’ve cleared the confusion with the names and taxonomy of Cassia Obovata. Most important – it is neither henna nor cinnamon:)

Second, you have a better idea what natural hair care means. And finally, you have the know how to include Cassia herb in your hair care “arsenal.”

I would love to hear from you. Do you (plan) use Cassia to strengthen your hair? Leave me a comment, and I will answer you.

To your “Cassia” hair,



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