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How To Treat The Hair At Home, So It Gets Stronger

I am Valeria (the picture here) and am a mother of three small kids. In the last four years, I work a full-time babysitting job as I have genuinely devoted my efforts to be a good parent.

At the same time, I want to be a good-looking person, as well.

As it is impossible to spend the same amount of time to take care of myself as it was before the parental period, I had to get smart enough to use some practical tips and tricks, which are not time and effort consuming, but at the same time bring good results.

Today’s topic will be about hair maintenance. My hair is long, brittle and brown. It is a challenge for me to keep it in good shape. That is why I decided to share with you 11 simple tips I use,


how to treat the hair at home, so it gets stronger.


Above all, please have in mind the following



Brush Your Hair Before Washing ItUseful data about the human hair

  • Each person, depending on the thickness of the strands and the color of the hair, has between 90 000 and 150 000 hairs.
  • The blonde hairs are the thinnest ones. That is why they are highest as a number;
  • The brunette hairs are to follow;
  • The thickest and lowest as a number are the red hairs;

We know that the loss of 100 hairs per day is not a big deal and is considered a typical reaction.

Now, let’s get back to the tips how to treat the hair at home, so it is sturdy and beautiful.


Tip #1: BRUSH your hair, before washing it.

This will remove the hair products’ residuals, as well as the dirt collected. It will also strengthen the microcirculation of the scalp.

It is not necessary to apply the shampoo two times. The first dose itself is enough to wash the dirt, but more important – the natural layer of your hair. Make the foam with fingers, as you gently massage the hair.


Tip #2: Always moisturize your hair with the APPROPRIATE for you balm or mask.

The masks are applied only at the root of the hairs, while the balms – at the hairs’ ends.


Never Rub The Washed Hair With A TowelTip #3: NEVER RUB the washed hair with a towel.

Just take up the water with light touches of the fabric.

It is not right to comb a wet hair. You could go through it with a comb with wide teeth, which will unplait the hairs.

Wait that the hair is dry at 75% before you proceed with a brush.


Tip #4: Avoid using brushes and combs with PLASTIC OR METAL teeth.

Both plastic and metal teeth electrify your hair and spoil it. Try to find wooden combs and brushes, if possible such with natural hairs.

For wet hair, you could use a brush with rubber teeth.


Moisturize Your HairTip #5: The TYPE OF WATER should be taken into consideration when you wash your hair.

If your hair looks dry or matte, it might be the case that the water you use is mineralized or is “hard.” You can neutralize this, as you rinse the hair with a solution of a lemon juice in a small quantity of mineral water.

To remove the minerals’ accumulations, wash your head once per week with cleaning shampoo.


Tip #6: MOISTURIZE the bottoms of your hairs, if you color your hair at home.

The reason to do so is the bottom part of the hair is drier than the part of the roots and absorb more hair dye. The wet hair does not consume too much dye so that the color would be much more consistent from top to bottom.


Tip #7: Fortnightly, lay a mask or a HOT BUTTER for an in-depth treatment of the hair.

The purpose is to feed the roots and follicles of the hairs. The heating brings benefits, as it opens the outer layers of the hairs and the substances can go deeper and strengthen the hair.


If You Have A Dyed Hair, It Is Good To Use Products For Preserving The ColorTip #8: If you have a dyed hair, it is good to use products for PRESERVING the color.

They nourish the dried from the chemicals hairs and decrease the washing of the dye from the inner part of the hair, expanding its lifespan.


Tip #9: Use hair dryers and hair irons with IONIC effect.

These hair appliances saturate the hairs with negative ions, which protect the hair, as they break the water molecules faster and neutralize the damages coming from the positive ions. Despite this, the ionic hair driers significantly decrease the drying time.

And now, something for curly hair:




Tip #10: Use BALM for shaping the curls.

The curly hair is dry and hard to shape so that the balm could be a solution. Very appropriate for this type of hair are the products, containing vegetable oils – almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa oil, etc.

You can lay the balm over the washed hair and use a comb with wide teeth, without reaching the roots of the essential.

If you have a thin or curly hair to dye, it is good that you leave it to have a rest once per six months from the aggressive dyes. You can use a semi-permanent dye or with plant coloring agents instead. They are not so durable but will survive at least 6 to 8 times that hair is washed.

And here comes my last advice, concerning our tools we use:


Tip #11: WASH the combs and hairbrushes at least once a week.

As the combs and hairbrushes are covered with some polish, foam and dirt residuals, it is good to wash them ideally once per week. A good option is warm water and soap. After that disinfect them with little alcohol and a cotton swab.

This is even more important if you someone has dandruff, seborrhea, oily hair or some infection on the scalp.


OK. These are my small tips how to treat the hair at home for you. If you follow them, in the long run, you will have stronger, healthier and more beautiful hair.


These tips are proven in time and can work for busy moms like me, or for working women.

Your status is not important. What matters is to TAKE ACTION and get the care of your hair in your hands!

I would love to understand your thoughts! Do you apply some methods? What are your ways to keep your hair healthy? Or your home tips for hair growth?

Write me in the section below! Just for a chat, to share your thoughts, or if you need advice, I will answer you:)


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