11 Unusual Sesame Seed Oil Benefits For Skin!

11 Unusual Sesame Seed Oil Benefits for Skin!

  Hi, there! Do you like eating sesame seeds? I adore their flavor, especially when added in desserts. No wonder, they are prevalent in the culinary world. These tiny seeds are not only tasty but hide considerable opportunities to cure and delight our body, skin, and hair. Now I will give you 11 more reasons to love…

10 Fantastic Neem Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin

10 Fantastic Neem Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

  Hi, there! Did you know you could use neem to repel insects and pests to protect your garden? Or when included as an ingredient in a toothbrush, it can reduce plaque and gingival inflammation? Indeed, neem is a “universal warier,” so to say! Indians (where neem originates) consider it a “sacred tree” and a…

How To Use Coffee For Cellulite? Get 3 Recipes!

How to Use Coffee for Cellulite? Get 3 Recipes!

  Hi, there, If you are female, finished puberty, reading this text, you should feel lucky if you are not affected by cellulite! According to different studies, around 90% of women suffer it, to some extent! 9 out of 10! Call it orange peel or cottage cheese; cellulite is an unpleasant phenomenon, which we know…

3 Homemade Lip Balm Recipes With Beeswax

3 Homemade Lip Balm Recipes with Beeswax

  Hi, there! Lips are susceptible, but do you know why? There are millions of nerve endings around lips, while they are not protected, but exposed to environmental influence. The reason lips get dried so fast, is they lack sweat glands. To avoid dehydration of your lips, you could apply homemade lip balm recipes with…

11 Beeswax Skin Benefits, And 6 Recipes For Skin

11 Beeswax Skin Benefits, and 6 Recipes for Skin

    Hi, there! Do you like honey? You are very likely to do so (unless you are allergic), according to the statistics. In 2013, the Europeans consumed 362 000 tones of honey! And the Americans consume approximately 1.3 pounds (600 grams) of honey per person annually! Bees “produce” one more product, which is less…

8 Amazing Chamomile Oil Uses For Your Skin

8 Amazing Chamomile Oil Uses For Your Skin

  Hi there! Sometimes Mother Nature gives us simple, unusual, but highly effective solutions for our skin and hair! Accept it as a gift that someone gave to you when you least expected it but made you very happy:) This is the case with an ordinary plant, who everybody knows – chamomile! It’s nothing special at…

6 Essential Argan Oil Face Benefits! How To Use It Properly?

6 Essential Argan Oil Face Benefits! How to Use It Properly?

[hr] Hi, there! Will argan oil clog pores? Is argan oil good for your skin? What are argan oil face benefits? These are just a few questions, thrilling people, regarding argan oil. This text is for you in case you are curious about the secrets of this organic carrier oil, which has so many valuable properties…

What Is Snail Extract? 7 Benefits And 4 Simple Rules

What is Snail Extract? 7 Benefits and 4 Simple Rules

  Hi, there! Have you ever imagined, you could use snails for beauty and health?  I am not kidding you; this is entirely possible! Maybe you are not much aware what is snail extract? A few minutes later you will know the answer to this question! Read here also to learn: Snails nutrition facts; What are…

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